Wish You Were Here

I can be tough
I can be strong
But with you, it's not like that at all

There's a girl
who gives a shit
behind this wall
You've just walked through it

And I remember, all those crazy things you said
You left them riding through my head
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here.
All those crazy things we did
Didn't think about it, just went with it
You're always thereyou're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here. 

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
here, here, here
I wish you were here.

I love the way you are
It's who I am, don't have to try hard
We always say, say like it is
And the truth is that I really miss

No, I don't wanna let go
I just wanna let you to know
That I never wanna let go.

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